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Arimoclomol treatment Clinical Trial in Inclusion body myositis (IBM)

Clinical trials for potential new treatments are undertaken in phases. At each phase the numbers able to participate usually increase and the purpose of the trial changes. The first clinical trial was a phase 1 study to assess the safety and tolerability of Arimoclomol in IBM compared to placebo over 4 months of treatment and took place in two centres (one of which was Queens Square, London) and involved a total of twelve participants. The trial has been completed and Arimoclomol was shown to be safe and tolerated such that it is hopefully being progressed to the next stage - a phase 2 clinical trial.

The phase 2 clinical treatment trial of Arimoclomol in IBM is in discussion and seeking ethics and funding. When approved the Phase 2 trial will be listed on the clinical trial registers online.

What is Arimoclomol?
Waiting update.

Why may it be of benefit in IBM?
Waiting update

Can I participate?
Unfortunately, clinical trials have inclusion and exclusion criteria for many reasons, mostly to make the trial as robust as possible. The Phase 1 Arimoclomal study is complete but for a guide to the type of criteria involved please read those listed on the UKCTG or Controlled Trials Register websites.

If you are interested in being part of a clinical trial please discuss this with your doctor who will be able to contact the trial organizer and discuss your participation.

April 2016 - Update on the Arimoclomol trial.
"Shows promise against muscle wasting disease"- an update on the Arimclomol trial can be found on the UCL website

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