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Teddy-Bo’s Feeling Tired

This book for children of JDM was the inspiration of a JDM mum, Nichola Coleman. The book is written and illustrated by Simon Chadwick in conjunction with Myositis UK and the Juvenile Dermatomyositis Research Group.

The book can be purchased for £9.99 plus P&P and all profits from the proceeds of the book will be used in the research of JDM.

Teddy-Bo bear is also available through Myositis UK, although stocks are limited.

The bear costs £7.99 plus P&P.

Thanks to generous fundraising the Teddy-Bo book and bear is available free to JDM children whose parents are members of Myositis UK (this is UK residents only).

How to Buy

Postage charges are changing this April so details of how to purchase and P&P costs will be posted shortly. We do hope to post abroad and with payment made through PayPal.

Excerpts from the book

Follow Teddy-Bo on Facebook

You can follow Teddy-Bo on his adventures as he meets his friends and raises awareness of the inflammatory muscle disease on Facebook and even post your own photos and stories you have with the little bear.

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